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Gabriella Buzzi was born in Cormons (GO) Italy in 1968 and currently lives between Milan and Capriva del Friuli.

After completing her degree at the Mosaic School in 1998 she started her own company working with both private and public contracts, performing reproductions, copies and independent works in which she pays homage to her mentor Giulio Candussio.

She has collaborated with Bisazza, Sicis, Trend Group, Ars Sacra, Stone, Postumia and many other architects, designers and artists. She also lectures for ARSAP and has received several national awards among which a first prize for the contest “art and the city” in 2000. She has participated in solo and group exhibitions throughout Italy.


The works of Gabriella Buzzi range widely in type, color and material. The artist is able to interpret different languages through a costant adventure of new shapes and materials. These languages are comprehensive of her own projects and other artist's works. 

Resourcefulness, commitment and passion have always accompanied her in a journey begun at the “Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli”, where, after graduating, she entered her “research path” finding in her teacher Giulio Candussio a reference point.

They share together the idea of mosaic meant as an indipendent art that can and must be integrated in the spaces of our daily life. The work of Gabriella Buzzi, therefore, extends between free experimentation and the world of production. 

All of Gabriella's works, both personal and artist-inspired, are genuinely able to tell the path followed by the artist during their creation. In them you can perceive her passion, the strenght and freedom derived from an instant connection with shapes, layers, surfaces and texture patterns that enable the artist to become “a maker”.

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